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Korea KC

First, Korea KC certification introduction

In order to enable consumers to more clearly understand the certification marks on the purchased products, as well as to reduce the various certification costs burdened by product manufacturers, the Korea Institute of Technical Standards (KATS) announced on August 20, 2008 on January 1, 2009 The new certification system KC certification (KoreaCertification) has been implemented since July.



Second, the importance of battery KC certification

Korea KATS (KoreanAgency for Technology and Standards) announced the applicable standards for portable secondary lithium battery packs: Self-Regulatory Safety Confirmation, Annex 05, and included related products under the self-declared product category of the KC certification system in 2009 It was formally implemented on July 1, 2014.

Third, the battery KC certification product range

Single cell (Cell): portable, energy density per volume exceeds 400Wh / L

Battery (Pack): Single cells are assembled in parallel

The portable lithium battery with navigation function or the battery has nothing to do with the energy density per volume is applicable. (Used in harsh conditions inside the car)

Single cells and batteries used in portable medical devices, bar codes, and credit card readers are all suitable targets.

-Carrying equipment: MP3, electronic dictionary, PMP, laptop, digital camera, etc.

-Non-certified objects: for vehicle driving, industrial use, medical use or button shape.

Fourth, battery KC certification test standards:

K62133 (2019-02)

Five, Battery KC certification test items and sample quantity:


Sixth, battery KC certification mode

Mode 1:

Send samples to Korea for testing and certification (long cycle, high cost)

1. The manufacturer applies for KC certification

2. Send samples to Korea for testing (if the test fails, retesting costs will be incurred and the cycle lengthened)

3. Pass, issue KC certificate.


Mode two:

Use CB certification to transfer KC.

List of documents required for transfer:

1. Application form

1. Pack CB report & cert

2. Pack & Cell Specification

3. Specification of key parts specifications (Protection IC, FUSE, PTC, TCO, Mosfet)

4. Label

5. User ’s Manual

6. End product info

7.UN38.3 report

8. Business license and ISO certificate


Note: The battery does not need to be audited for KC certification, and the KC certificate is valid for a long time.

Seven, battery KC testing and certification consulting agency

ESTL Corporation ANCI, as a third-party testing agency authorized by the Korean KTC agency, provides customers with high-quality and convenient battery KC certification services in Korea. It conducts mutual training with KTC every year. It has other domestic laboratories in the certification process and certification cycle The incomparable advantages are well known in the industry. We have pre-testing qualifications for battery products, and the test report issued meets KTC requirements, which can help you to successfully remove the KC certificate quickly and cheaply.

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Service Hotline400-840-8988
Address: 2st floor, B Area, Jinbaisheng Industrial Park, Headquarters 2 Road, Songshan Lake Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Pr., China. Telephone: 0769-8507-5888-6617 Fax: 0769-8507-5898 Mailbox: net01@gdestl.com
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