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Power Battery Authentication Test


Power battery is the power source for tools. It mainly refers to the battery which provides power for electric vehicles, electric trains, electric bicycles and golf carts. Valve-port sealed lead-acid batteries, open tubular lead-acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are mostly used. With the formation of the global trend of vigorous development of new energy, the market share of power battery will continue to increase in the future. Especially under the situation of our country's continuous promulgation of support policies and power battery standards, the power battery field of our country will continue to expand in the future. Who can master the power battery, who can dominate the fate of future electric vehicles.


Power Battery Certification and Testing Company


ESTL has a comprehensive testing capability in battery testing field. It has a strong technical service team to provide one-to-one and efficient service. Large battery testing experimental base runs 24 hours. It has been authorized by UL, IECEE, TUV, KTC, JET, DGM and many other international organizations to provide professional global certification for battery customers. One-stop services such as safety regulation, EMC, energy efficiency, reliability testing, etc.


ESTL adheres to the concept of scientific, fair, accurate, efficient, rigorous, realistic and honest service, providing high-quality and fast service for the safety, reliability of customers'products, environmental protection and cost control. ESTL is the most trustworthy third-party battery testing and certification service provider.


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Li-polymer Battery Balance Vehicle Battery, Automotive Start Power Supply, Electric Vehicle Battery, Electric Tool Battery, Lead-acid Battery, Lithium-ion Battery, Nickel-cadmium Battery, Solar Battery...

Power Battery



ESTL | Service Advantage


1. For more than ten years, we have been focusing on the global certification and testing of battery products, paying close attention to the global trends of battery certification and having strong certification and testing capability.

2. 30000m2 experimental base in South China, equipped with perfect precision testing instruments, 24H provides accurate testing data for customers;

3. UL, IECEE, TV, KTC, JET, DGM and other major global agencies authorized accreditation, testing reports have international credibility;

4. The technical team has been trained and assessed by professional battery certification. The certification and testing technology is solid, and the certification efficiency and pass rate are high.

5. Localized testing and certification of safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency and performance will greatly shorten the certification cycle and reduce the cost of certification.

6. One-to-one product evaluation, testing, certification, rectification, factory inspection guidance and other one-stop services, high service efficiency and quality.


ESTL | Battery Certification Project


International certification: UN38.3 certification, CB certification, IEC report...

Asian certification: CQC certification, China quality inspection report, BSMI certification, KC certification, PSE certification, TISI certification, BIS certification...

American certification: UL certification, ETL certification, TVus certification, CTIA certification...

European certification: CE certification, WEEE certification, ROHS certification, REACH certification, PAHS certification, GOST-R certification...

Test Item Map

ESTL | Battery Certification Testing Standard


Standard for certification and testing of   electric energy storage and power batteries
Market   region Certification Items Test Criteria Applicable Products
Global UN38.3 Certification ST/SG/AC   10/11/Rev.n-Section38-Amend IATA DGR Lithium battery
MSDS   writing ISO 11014 Safety data sheet for   chemical products Battery
CB Member States CB certification IEC 62660 Power cell (lithium series)
IEC/EN   62619 Energy Storage Battery Cell/System (Lithium   Series)
IEC/EN   62620 (Performance requirements for industrial use)
IEC/EN   60730 Annex H (BMS Functional Safety Assessment) Energy Storage Battery System   (Lithium Series)
United States UL certification UL 2271 Batteries for light electric   vehicles
UL1973 Batteries for light electric   rails and fixtures
UL 2580 Batteries for electric vehicles
SAE J   2464 Power cell
China CQC certification and quality inspection report GB/T 31484/5/6 Power cell (lithium series)
GB/T   31467.1/2/3 Power battery system (lithium   series)
Japan S-Mark certification JIS C 8715-2/SBAS1101 Energy storage battery cell
JIS C   8715-1/JIS C 8715-2 Energy storage battery system
European Union CE certification EN 61000-3-1/2/3/4 Energy storage battery system
EN   50604, ISO 12405 Power battery system
EN/IEC   62660 Power cell (lithium series)
EN/IEC   62619 Energy Storage Battery Cell/System (Lithium   Series)
EN/IEC   62620 (Performance requirements for industrial use)
EN/IEC   60730 Annex H (BMS Functional Safety Assessment) Energy Storage Battery System   (Lithium Series)


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