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Power limit test

Partial certification program

Limited power source test requirements

UL certification

  The battery will be tested at an ambient temperature of 20 ± 5 ° C (68 ± 9 ° F).
  1. Without the limitation of the power supply of the overcurrent protection device:
  The output voltage Uoc: Uoc ≤ 30V; 30V < Uoc ≤ 60V.
  Output current Isc: Isc ≤ 8.0A; Isc ≤ 150 / Uoc.
  Allowable power S: S ≤ 100W.
  a) Uoc open battery voltage, all load circuits are disconnected
  b) Isc outputs the maximum current, including short circuit, under any non-capacitive load.
  c) S maximum output power with non-capacitive loads, including short circuits.
  d) If the protection is via an electronic circuit or a positive temperature coefficient device, the Isc and S are measured for 5 seconds after the load is applied, or 60 seconds in other cases. If multiple protection measures are provided, such as a combination of electronic circuitry and positive temperature coefficient devices, the Isch and S are measured for 60 seconds under applied load or no fault conditions.
  2. In case of limitation of the power supply of the overcurrent protection device:
  The output voltageUoc:Uoc≤20V;20V<Uoc≤ 30V;30V<Uoc≤60V。
  Output current Isc:Isc≤1000/ Uoc。
  Allowable power S:S≤250W。
  a) The Uoc open circuit battery voltage is disconnected from all load circuits.
  b) Is the maximum output current and any non-capacitive loads, including short circuits, to measure the applied load after 60 seconds.
  c) S(VA) - The maximum output VA after 60 seconds of operation under any non-capacitive load (including short circuit).
  d) During the measurement, the current limiting impedance is still present in the circuit, but the overcurrent protection device is bypassed.
  e) The current rating of the overcurrent protection device is based on fuses and circuit breakers, which open the circuit within 120 seconds and the current is equal to 210% of the current rating specified in the table.
  Note: The reason for using the overcurrent protection device to bypass the measurement is to determine the available energy that may cause overheating during operation of the overcurrent protection device.

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