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I.WERCSmart introduction

WERCSmart refers to the entry of relevant data of some products (mainly products containing toxic chemicals or dangerous goods) into the official website of WERCS. Such an authoritative audit and identification process is easier to facilitate the cooperation between suppliers and retailers. Registered WERCSmart suppliers are undoubtedly the first choice for retailers to purchase.


II.the importance of WERCSmart

WERCS, it's not a lab, it's a database company. WERCS is one of the world's leading suppliers of green supply chain systems and related software for chemical regulatory responses, a system for evaluating products. Through the WERCSmart geared to the needs of large and medium-sized retailers supply chain security management system, product data changes to regulatory compliance, now wal-mart, Sears, Costco, Amazon and Traget giant supermarkets and WERCS form close cooperation, aimed at the upstream suppliers will own product information belongs to the system, by the system evaluation, in order to timely grasp the harm downstream information, etc. Suppliers that have successfully registered WERCS (retailers that have confirmed their cooperation with WERCS require suppliers to register with WERCSmart) can be prioritized by the upstream to be recognized as safe, reliable and high-quality products.


III. ESTL WERCS registered products include the following contents

1. Various batteries, such as lithium battery, alkaline battery, dry battery, lead-acid battery, etc.)

2. Products containing circuit boards or electronics, such as hand-held fans, portable power supplies, TWS headphone sets, bluetooth headsets, and other products (without built-in batteries)


IV.WERCSmart needed information

1. Color photo of the product;

2. Application form;

3. Composition analysis table;

4. UN38.3 report;

5. English/French SDS report.


V.WERCSmart cycle

7-10 working days


VI.WERCSmart process

1. Apply for membership;

2. Subscription registration: to subscribe in advance, several products should be registered;

3. Payment of subscription fee: subscription fee is based on product and quantity;

4. Submit for registration;

5. Confirm and review expenses;

6. The registration is completed, and the ID can be found on the official website.


VII.Battery WERCSmart notes

WERCSmart registration for battery products is divided into two modes:


1. Registration of batteries not sold directly to retailers

This battery is only installed on other electronic products, which are sold as independent brands. This battery has no UPC code and is registered by the battery supplier to the WERCSmart system for other electronic suppliers to link the battery information when registering. Main information requirements: SDS file, UN38.3(for lithium batteries only)


2. Registration of batteries sold directly to retailers

The battery has an UPC code and is registered on the WERCSmart system, which passes the information to the subretailer specified at the time of registration. Main information requirements:

(1) SDS files, UN38.3(for lithium batteries only)

(2) UPC code, packing method, weight (oz)

Note: if it is a new supplier, you need to provide qualified supplier ID number, company name, retailer name, retailer contact number and email


Note: the registration of WERCS started to implement the annual fee system on March 5, 2016. In October 2017, the annual fee of the American WERCSmart system was updated, ranging from 71.07 usd to 734.18 usd, depending on the type of product.



1.ESTL has been focusing on the registration of WERCS for many years, and is familiar with the changes of regulations and retailer requirements in the north American market;

2. Simplify the application process, and provide full project services such as member registration, material preparation and ID acquisition;

3.ESTL can independently issue SDS report;

4. Provide RMB payment without opening us dollar account or paying high transfer fee;

5. According to the product situation, provide high-quality solutions to reduce export costs for customers;

6. Provide resource integration and connect resources for customers with different needs.





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