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Combustion test

Partial certification program

Burning test requirements

UL certification

  Each test cell was placed on a 20-hole steel wire per inch (25.4 mm) with a wire thickness of 0.017 inches. The screen is placed at a distance of 1-1/2 (38.1 mm) inches from the burner, and fuel and air are sprayed at a rate that provides a bright blue flame. The test sample is placed in a position where Mars or burning particles can be sprayed into the center of the asbestos sheet. In some cases, it should be required to enclose the experimental sample in the mesh, then ignite the burner and observe the battery until it explodes or is destroyed.
    The rough asbestos cloth does not ignite when the battery is subjected to the described experiment.

CQC certification

 After the battery is fully charged according to the charging procedure specified by the manufacturer, it is placed on the wire mesh of the test tool. If the battery slips during the test, the battery sample can be fixed on the wire mesh with a single wire. If this does not happen, you cannot bundle the battery. Heat the battery with flame and stop heating when the following three conditions occur:
    a) battery explosion;
    b) the battery is completely burned;
    c) Continuous heating for 30 min, but the battery did not ignite or explode.
   Result: The components of the battery (except for dusty products) or the entire battery must not penetrate the aluminum mesh.

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