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Russia GOST-R

First, the introduction of Russian GOST-R certification

GOST-R certification is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Russian government to protect the lives of consumers, animals and plants, protect the environment, protect national security, strengthen product quality management, and implement laws and regulations. The Product and Certification Services Act promulgated by the Russian government requires products to comply with the national standards and technical regulations of the Russian Federation, collectively referred to as GOST-R certification. The GOST-R certificate is a document proving that the relevant product complies with the safety requirements of the relevant products of the Russian Federation. The issuing authority of the Russian GOST-R certificate must be a certification body or testing laboratory authorized by the Russian Federation Technical and Metrological Committee.




Second, the importance of battery GOST-R certification

According to Russian law, all commodities listed in the list of compulsory certification products of the Russian Federation must pass the safety certification of the Russian government or its designated notified body, obtain the relevant certificate of conformity (GOST-R certificate), and attach relevant safety according to the requirements. Only after the certification mark can you enter the Russian market. Therefore, the GOST-R certificate is a passport for the import, distribution, sale and sale of battery products in the Russian territory.

Third, the battery GOST-R certification certificate category

The GOST-R certificate is divided into mandatory GOST-R COC certificate, mandatory GOST-R DOC certificate, voluntary GOST-R certificate and GOST-R exemption letter according to different products.

Different products need to choose the corresponding GOST-R certificate according to their own characteristics and related requirements.

Fourth, battery GOST-R certification requirements

It is necessary to determine if the battery contains any active electronic components that will correspond to different requirements.

Contains source electronic components: GOST-R DoC (GOST-R logo) + EAEU DoC (EAC logo)

Active electronic components are not included: GOST-R DoC (GOST-R logo)

Five, battery GOST-R certification standard

GOST12.2.007.12-88; GOST P IEC 62133; GOST R IEC 61960; EAEU TR 020 (EMC)

Sixth, battery GOST-R certification data preparation

1. Applicant information (accurate Chinese and English names, addresses, contacts, contact information, etc., if the applicant's registered address is different from the manufacturer's address, it must be specified separately);

2. The applicant's commercial qualifications (business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, if a special production license is involved, the relevant production license is required);

3. Contract documents between the applicant and the foreign purchaser (purchase contract for direct relationship between the two parties, ** * required documents for batch approval of the application form*);

4. Foreign purchaser information and commercial qualifications (accurate English and Russian names, addresses, contacts, contact information, INN certificates, OGRN certificates * required documents for batch approval)*;

5. Product information (accurate product name in English and Chinese, serial model, customs code);

6. Product photos or pictures;

7. Product manual (English/Russian version);

8. Product drawings (mechanical schematic, electrical schematic, hydraulic/pneumatic schematic, etc.);

9.ISO9001 quality management system certificate in English (valid period);

10. Internal quality inspection or third-party international certification, related technical documents (internal test reports, such as welding test, electrical safety test, etc., or third-party test report, international certification, such as EU CE certification, UL certification, ASME or API Certification, etc.);

Seven, battery GOST-R certification process

1. The applicant submits an application for certification;

2. According to the product status of the applicant, the certification body confirms the certification mode and implementation requirements;

3. Prepare and submit the documents required for certification, CB certificate by the applicant.

4. Determine whether sample testing or factory audit is required according to the certification mode;

5. The documents required for certification are reviewed and supplemented;

6. Issue a certificate.

Eight, battery GOST-R certification certificate validity period

1. Single batch certification:

 Single-batch certification applies to Russian importers who apply for a single product import. Such certification is issued to Russian importers and is subject to application for contracts and invoices for imported products. Once the importer is changed or re-imported, the certification will be void. Single-batch certification does not necessarily require product testing.

2. Series certificate (1 year to 3 years)

A series certificate refers to a certificate valid for one to three years, which is usually awarded directly to the manufacturer. The series certificate is usually obtained based on the technical document review. A few products need to be sent to the designated laboratory in Russia for testing according to the requirements of relevant certification regulations, or a Russian expert can come to China for factory audit before obtaining the certificate.

(1) One-year certification:

 Russian importers usually do not need a one-year certification. This type of certification is usually a one-year product certification directly given to the manufacturer. The certificate will indicate the name of the certified product. In this year, the product can be imported directly to an unlimited number of times. Russia.

(2) Three-year certification:

It can be used continuously after three years of certification and is valid for up to three years. The certificate will indicate the name of the certified product. Within three years, the product can be directly imported into Russia without any number of times. The three-year certification must pass the product test.

Nine, battery GOST-R certification body

ESTL is a leader in domestic battery product testing and a comprehensive and authoritative third-party testing and certification organization engaged in battery product testing and certification. Energy Storage Testing has a technical team with many years of battery GOST-R certification and rich testing experience, and timely provides you with professional guidance measures to quickly complete the GOST-R certification and testing of battery products.





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