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Impact test

Partial certification program

Impact test requirements

UN38.3 certification

  Secure the entire fitting surface of each cell and battery sample with a stable bracket.
    For each cell or cell with a half-sinusoidal acceleration with a peak of 150 gn, the pulse lasts for 6 milliseconds, and large cells and large battery packs must withstand a half-sine wave shock with a maximum acceleration of 50 gn and a pulse duration of 11 ms.
   Each cell or battery pack was subjected to three impacts in the positive direction of three mutually perpendicular battery mounting orientations, followed by three impacts in the reverse direction, for a total of 18 impacts.
    The open circuit voltage after the sample test shall not be lower than 90% of the open circuit voltage before the test. This requirement does not apply to the fully discharged battery and battery.
    Results: no leakage, no venting, no disintegration, no cracking and no fire.

UL certification

  The battery is attached to the test machine by a mounting bracket that supports all surfaces. Each battery was subjected to a total of 3 collisions of the same magnitude. Collisions occur in three mutually perpendicular directions, except that there are only two axes of symmetry, and only two directions are collided. Each collision occurs in one direction perpendicular to the surface of the battery. The battery has a minimum average acceleration of 75 g (g is the acceleration due to gravity) every 3 mS initially. The peak acceleration should be between 125g and 175g. The test was carried out at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C ± 5 ° C.
    Result: No fire, no explosion, no leakage.

CQC certification

  After the battery is fully charged according to the charging procedure specified by the manufacturer, it is fastened to the impact table for a half sine pulse impact test. In the first 3 ms, the minimum average acceleration was 75 gn, the peak acceleration was 150 gn ± 25 gn, and the pulse duration was 6 ms ± 1 ms. Three acceleration shock tests were performed from every three directions.
    Cylindrical and coin-type batteries were tested for vibration in both the axial and radial directions, and the square and flexible packaging batteries were subjected to vibration tests in three mutually perpendicular directions.
    Result: No fire, no explosion, no leakage.

CB certification

 After the battery is fully charged according to the manufacturer's charging procedure, the surface of all the components of each cell and battery sample is held in a stable bracket. Three impacts were applied in each direction of the three mutually perpendicular mounting positions of the battery for a total of 18 impacts. Each impact is a half-sinusoidal acceleration with a peak of 150 gn, and the pulse lasts for 6 ms.
   Result: No fire, no explosion, no leakage.

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