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Washing test

Partial certification program

Washing test requirements

CQC certification

  Perform this test after fully charging the battery. The test is carried out as follows:
   a) dosing: a solution having a pH of 11.0 ± 0.1 (a NaOH solution having a mass fraction of 0.004% can be used), and the solution is heated to (45 ± 2) ° C;
    b) Soaking: Fix the sample on the rotating device, then place the sample in the solution (the center of the battery is 300 mm ± 10 mm from the liquid level) for 0.5 h, and keep the temperature of the solution during the test (45 ± 2) °C;
    c) stirring: the sample is fixed on the rotating device and rotated in the solution for 0.5 h, the rotation speed is 60 r / min;
    d) dehydration: remove the solution, rotate for 10min, the rotation speed is 800r / min;
    e) drying: the sample is placed in a high temperature chamber for heating for 0.5 h, and the heating temperature is (45 ± 2) ° C;
    f) If the sample can continue to be charged and discharged, continue the test after continuing the discharge charging cycle according to the charging and discharging method specified in 4.5; if the sample cannot continue charging and discharging, the test is terminated.
    Result: No fire, no explosion.

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