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I.   Introduction to CE Certification in the European Union    

The   "CE" mark is a security certification mark and is considered a   passport that the manufacturer opens and enters the European market. CE   stands for European Unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE) and is a compulsory   certification in Europe. CE mark is a "pass" for products to enter   the markets of EU countries and EU Free Trade Association countries. Any   specified product, whether produced outside the EU or in EU member States,   must comply with the Directive and the relevant harmonized standards and be   marked with the CE mark before it can be placed on the EU market for free   circulation.    




II.   Importance of battery CE certification    

As the   accessories of many end products (such as mobile phones, electric toys,   etc.), the safety of battery needs to be considered in combination with these   end products. Therefore, many end product customers require that their   components should also be affixed with CE mark for the sake of their own   product safety, so that their products can better meet the requirements of   relevant instructions. Obtaining CE certification from the EU-appointed body   for battery products can maximize the trust of consumers and market watchdogs   and effectively prevent irresponsible accusations. In the face of litigation,   the CE certification of the EU designated agencies will become technical   evidence with legal effect.    

III. CE   Certification Standard for Batteries    


Battery   ProductsCE standard
Secondary   batteryEN 62133
Primary   batteryEN 60086-1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Portable   secondary lithium batteries and batteriesEN 61960
Secondary   Ni-Cd, Ni-MH batteryIEC/EN 61951-1, 2
Lithium   batteryEN/IEC 62281
Secondary   Ni-MH Button BatteryEN 61808
Portable   secondary batteryEN 61809
Secondary   Ni-MH batteryEN 61436
Secondary   Ni-Cd batteryEN 60285
Secondary   miniature nickel cadmium cellEN 61440
Secondary   Ni-Cd button batteryEN 61150
Quadratic   sealed Ni-Cd batteryEN 60622
Secondary   Square Exhaust Ni-Cd BatteryEN 60623
International   designation of secondary batteriesEN 61429
Portable   secondary batteryEN 61959
Energy   storage battery systemEN 61000-3-1/2/3/4
Power   battery systemEN 50604, ISO 12405
Power   cell (lithium series)EN/IEC 62660
ESTL Battery   Cell/System (Lithium Series)EN/IEC 62619
EN/IEC   62620 (Performance requirements for industrial use)
Energy   Storage Battery System (Lithium Series)EN/IEC 60730 Annex H (BMS   Functional Safety Assessment)
Lead-acid   batteryEN 60982
Start-up   lead-acid batteryEN 60095-1, 2, 4
Portable   valve-regulated lead-acid batteriesEN 61056-1, 2
Stationary   exhaust (valve-regulated) lead-acid batteryEN 60896-11, 2, 21
Secondary   batteries for electric road vehiclesEN 61982
Traction   lead-acid batteryEN 60254
Lithium   batteryIEC 62281
Fixed   lead-acid batteryBS 6290

IV.   Battery CE Certification Test Items    

Impact   test, high altitude low voltage simulation test, overcharge test, temperature   test, forced discharge test, external short circuit test, impact test,   vibration test.   


V.   Preparation of battery CE certification data    

1.   Name, address, product name, model number, etc. of the manufacturer   (authorized representative of the European Union (authorized agent of the   European Union) AR);    

2.   Instructions for use of the product;    

3.   Safety design documents (including key structural drawings, i.e. Design   drawings that reflect creepage distance, clearance, insulation layer number   and thickness);    

4.   Technical conditions (or enterprise standards) of the product and   establishment of technical data;    

5.   Schematic diagram, block diagram and circuit diagram of product electrical   appliances;    

6.   List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European   certification mark);    

7. Test   report;    

8.   Relevant certificates issued by the EU accreditation body NB;    

9.   Certificate of registration of the product in the European Union, if any;    

10. CE   Declaration of Conformance (DOC).    

VI.   Battery CE Certification Process    

Step 1:   Apply for Application    

Step 1   Fill in the application form    

2.   Application Company Information Form    

STEP 3   Provide product information    

EMC:   (Circuit Diagram + Instructions)    

LVD:   Circuit Diagram + Instructions + B.O.M + Label (Nameplate) + Shell Dimension   Diagram + PCB Diagram + Component Certificate + Motor (Depending on Product)   + Transformer Specifications, etc. (Depending on Product)    

4.   The quantity of product samples depends on the specific conditions.    

Step 2:   Quotation    

Determine   test standard, test time and corresponding cost according to the information   provided    

Step 3:   Pay    

After   confirming the quotation, the applicant signs the filing application form and   service agreement and pays part or all of the project fee    

Step 4:   Test Testing    

The   laboratory shall conduct a full set of tests and differential tests of the   relevant models of the products applied according to the relevant EU testing   standards    

Step 5:   Report    

Test   Pass, Report Complete    

Step 6:   Certificate Issuance    

Project   complete, issue CE certificate. CE product type test report is kept in the   factory. 


VII.   Battery CE Certification Processing and Testing Institution    

ESTL is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for battery companies. It has established a large-scale industry-leading testing base in South China (Dongguan). ESTL strictly implements quality control according to the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO / IEC 17025. It can perform battery CE certification and testing services on its own. The senior battery CE certification engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the process, which greatly improves the battery CE certification cycle. With the pass rate, the certification time is fast.





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