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I. Introduction of T ≤ Vus Certification in USA    

The T ≤ Vus certification mark provides customers with a clear and straightforward approach to product safety, enabling their products to successfully enter the U.S. Market. At present, T ≤ Vus certification is second only to UL certification in North America. In order not to be inconsistent with the name of UL Meihua, the NRTL certification issued by T ≤ V organization is also called T ≤ Vus (USA).     



II. Importance of battery T ≤ Vus certification    

At present, the battery testing certification, UL standard testing requirements are the most stringent, the most testing steps, recognition is also the highest. However, UL institutions issued the highest certification costs, most of the domestic battery enterprises can not accept the price, the cost is too high. T ≤ Vus certification is a German T ≤ V organization strictly in accordance with the UL standard for battery products testing, but the cost is only less than half of the UL certification, can also prove the quality of battery products, so that customers can trust to buy, in North America market also has visibility, market share has been greatly improved.    

III. Battery T ≤ Vus Certification Standard    

ProductsUL certification standard
CellUL 1642
Battery (set/pack)UL 2054, UL 60950
Mobile power supplyUL 2056, UL 60950
BatteryUL 62133
Batteries for light electric vehiclesUL 2271
Batteries for light electric rails and fixturesUL1973
Batteries for electric vehiclesUL 2580
Power cellSAE J 2464

IV. Battery T ≤ Vus Certification Test Items    

StandardT ≤ Vus Certification Test Items
UL 1642Capacity test, charge test, discharge test, abnormal charge test, forced discharge, external short circuit test, high altitude low voltage simulation test, temperature cycle test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, squeeze test, heavy object impact test, thermal shock test, combustion test
UL 2054Capacity test, charge test, discharge test, abnormal charge test, overcharge test, short circuit test, forced discharge, power source limit test, temperature cycle test, mold stress relief test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, extrusion test, weight impact test, thermal shock test, combustion test, temperature rise test, 250N stability test
UL 2056Capacity Test, Charging Test, Discharge Test, Abnormal Charging Test, Overcharging Test, Short Circuit Test, Forced Discharge, Power Limit Source Test, Input Test, Output Port Overload Test, Die Stress Relief Test, Drop Test, Temperature Rise Test, 250N Stability Test


V. Application Process for Battery T ≤ Vus Certification    


Step 1:Apply for Application1. Identify customer information;
2. Fill in the T ≤ Vus application form;
3. Provide battery specifications and other information.
Step 2:QuotationDetermine the test time and corresponding cost according to the information provided.
Step 3:Payment PayAfter confirming the quotation, the applicant signs the filing application form and service agreement and pays the project fee.
Step 4:SampleCustomer sends sample.
Step 5:TestThe ESTL laboratory carries out T ≤ Vus certification tests on the products according to the relevant testing standards.
Step 6:ReportTest passed, T ≤ Vus report completed.
Step 7:Factory inspectionThe T ≤ V certification body inspects the plant.
Step 8:Certificate IssuanceAfter the factory passes the inspection, the T ≤ V organization issues the T ≤ Vus certificate.

VI. Preparation of Battery T ≤ Vus Certification Data

1. Data of battery T ≤ Vus certification company    

(1) The applicant company;       

(2) Listed companies;       

(3) Production plant.       

2. Battery T ≤ Vus Certified Product Data    

(1) Name of the product;    

(2) Product model;       

(3) the intended use of the product;       

(4) Parts list;    

(5) electrical properties;       

(6) Structure diagram;       

(7) Photos of the product;    

(8) Instructions for use, safety, etc. or installation of the product.    

VII. Annual Inspection of Battery T ≤ Vus Certification Factory    

T ≤ Vus factory inspections are carried out four times a year.    

VIII. Battery T ≤ Vus Certification Institution    

ESTL is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese battery companies. ESTL is a TÜVus certification testing laboratory authorized by the German TÜV organization, and it has also obtained the CBTL laboratory qualification authorized by the International Electrotechnical Commission IECEE. Provide forecasting, testing, factory inspection counseling and other services. The German TÜV agency directly recognizes the data and directly issues the certificate after passing the factory inspection.

ESTL has complete testing equipment and experienced TÜVus certified engineers in the industry. It is capable of providing battery customers with comprehensive one-stop TÜVus testing and certification services such as prediction, evaluation, testing, and factory inspection, which greatly shortens the certification cycle and Reduce certification costs.





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