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ESTL has comprehensive testing capabilities in the field of battery testing, a strong technical service team with one-on-one and efficient service, and a large battery testing experimental base operates 24 hours. ESTL has been authorized by many international organizations such as UL, IECEE, TÜV, KTC, KTR, JET, DGM, ITS, etc., providing battery customers with professional global certification, safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, reliability testing, etc. One-stop service.

As the best power supply, the battery is widely used in mobile communication equipment, electronic digital products, power products, and medical and security fields. However, in recent years, global battery recalls have triggered concerns about the safety of battery products in various countries. At the same time, market surveillance agencies in various countries have increased the supervision of battery products, making domestic battery manufacturers face the challenge of improving product quality. Therefore, the testing, inspection and certification of battery products are becoming more and more important. ESTL provides national certification testing services for various battery products, helping the battery manufacturers to quickly seize the international market through the certification of national standards. 


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Consumer electronics battery testing certification: lithium polymer battery, lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery, cylindrical battery, square battery, button battery, mobile phone battery, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, dry battery, lithium manganese battery, mobile power , 18650 battery...

Power battery testing certification: balancing car battery, car starting power, electric vehicle battery, power tool battery, lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery, nickel-cadmium battery, solar battery...

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International certification: UN38.3 certification, CB certification, IEC report...

Asian certification: CQC certification, China quality inspection report, BSMI certification, KC certification, PSE certification, TISI certification, BIS certification...

American certification: UL certification, ETL certification, TÜVus certification, CTIA certification...

European certification: CE certification, WEEE certification, ROHS certification, REACH certification, PAHS certification, GOST-R certification...

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Electrical safety test: charging test, discharge test, continuous charge test, abnormal charge test, unbalanced charge test, overcharge test, over discharge test, overvoltage charge test, over current charge test, reverse charge test, electrostatic discharge test, Undervoltage discharge test, overcharge test, forced discharge test, external short circuit test, forced internal short circuit test, limited power source test, input power test, output port overload test, error installation test...

Environmental safety test: high altitude low pressure simulation test, temperature and humidity cycle test, mold stress relief test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, extrusion test, heavy impact test, thermal shock test, combustion test, temperature rise test, 250N stability Constant force test, high temperature use test, washing test, flame retardant test...

Protection circuit safety test: overvoltage charging protection test, overcurrent charging protection test, undervoltage discharge protection test, short circuit protection test, overload protection test over temperature protection test, high voltage test...

Other performance tests: capacity test, cycle life test, vacuum glove box...


ESTL | Service Advantage

1. For more than ten years, we have focused on global certification testing of battery products, always paying attention to the global dynamics of battery certification, and strong certification and testing capabilities;

2. 10,000㎡ experimental base in South China, equipped with sophisticated precision testing equipment, 24H to provide customers with accurate test data;

3. UL, IECEE, TÜV, KTC, JET, DGM and other major institutions around the world authorized and recognized, the test report has international credibility;

4. The technical team has received professional battery certification training and assessment, the certification testing technology is solid, and the certification efficiency and pass rate are high;

5. Localized testing and certification such as safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, performance, etc., greatly shortening the certification cycle and reducing certification costs.

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