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Why do many brands choose ESTL?

More than 10 years of focus on global certification and testing of battery products

Authorized by major institutions

National Certification, Local Testing, Fast Certification

10,000㎡ large experimental base

7*24 hours efficient operation, fast issuing

Over 10 years's industry experience

630 battery testing equipment, data standard

Enjoy 16 Overvalue Benefits

One-stop service for certification and detection with better price
ESTL-Global battery product certification testing-TEL: 400-840-8988
·Use of deductible vouchers
·Engineer 1 to 1 guidance
·Free Customization Scheme
·Free product evaluation
·Free Prediction Trial
·Factory inspection guidance
·Free Certificate Query
·Lifelong after-sales service
ESTL-More than 10 years of battery certification industry experience-TEL: :400-840-8988
·Certificate expiration reminder
·Providing VAT invoices
·Free Standard Update
·Free certification training
·Free participation in seminars
·Service for the whole country
·Pack yard test service
·Reservation Test Reminder
5s response, 15min quote

Predict free test places

ESTL-5 seconds response, 24 hours online-TEL:400-840-8988
ESTL one-to-one service for you!

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About ESTL

One-stop Battery Testing and Authentication Service
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Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd., (ESTL), belongs to GTG Group, it specialized in certification and testing for battery and electric vehicle products, provide professional global safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency testing, international certification, reliability testing, physical chemistry testing, agent application and other comprehensive services.ESTL has a comprehensive testing capability in the field of battery and electric vehicle products testing. It has been authorized by many international authorities such as China CNAS L13753, China CMA (202019014977), China CQC, international IECEE, US UL, Germany TÜV, Belgium eurofines, and the test report has international credibility. Senior technical experts will provide you with one-stop services from product development consultiation, evaluation, prediction, testing, factory inspection guidance, certification, training, and so on.

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Major Institutions and ESTL

UL,TÜV, KTC, JET, DGM and other major global institutions authorized recognition
    • Intertek Hong Kong District Interview visited the ESTL

      On June 5, 2019, the leaders of the Intertek Group in Hong Kong arrived at the ESTL for exchange and guidance. During the visit, they visited the company's office area and laboratory. The two si…

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    • South Korean KTC agency leader visited the ESTL

      On May 22, 2019, Mr. Song, the dean of the KTC organization in South Korea, visited the ESTL to guide the work. The leaders of the ESTL and the KTC leaders conducted detailed communication and excha…

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    • UL agency leaders visited the storage energy inspection and guidance work

      On October 26, 2018, the leaders of the US UL institutions visited the storage energy testing and conducted work guidance. In view of the current situation of the market development of the current a…

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