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Senior Battery Certification Engineer-Jason

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Senior Battery Certification Engineer-Jason

Good projects: UN38.3 certification, CB certification, UL certification, CQC certification, quality inspection report, TUV certification, PSE certification

Familiar with standards: UN38.3, IEC 62133: 2012, IEC 62133-1:62133, IEC 62133-2:2017, IEC62619-2017, IEC 61960, Appendix 9, JIS C8712-2015, GB 31241-2014, GB18287-2013, GB36972-2018, GB36672-2018, SJ/T 11685-2017, GB 31484-2015, GB 31485-2015, GB 31486-2015, QBT2947.3-2008, GB/T31467.3-2015, UL 62133, UL 1642, UL2054, UL 2056, UL 2580, UL 1973, UL2271, UL2272, etc.

Customer evaluation: Jason has an in-depth understanding of battery product standards and testing, and can be familiar with battery product certification requirements and procedures. He has rich experience in battery certification and technical training, is good at handling various certification problems, and has extremely rich practical experience and technical capabilities.

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