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Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd., (ESTL), belongs to GTG Group, it specialized in certification and testing for battery and electric vehicle products, provide professional global safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency testing, international certification,  reliability testing, physical chemistry testing, agent application and other comprehensive services.ESTL has a comprehensive testing capability in the field of battery and electric vehicle products testing. It has been authorized by many international authorities such as China CNAS L13753, China CMA (202019014977), China CQC, international IECEE, US UL, Germany TÜV, Belgium eurofines, and the test report has international credibility. Senior technical experts will provide you with one-stop services from product development consultiation, evaluation, prediction, testing, factory inspection guidance, certification, training, and so on.

Mission:Make the world safer and life better.

Vision:To be an internationally recognized testing and certification authority.

Team values: customer first, team cooperation, create a win-win situation.

Personal values: honesty, professionalism,efficiency.

Leadership values: integrity, responsibility, mind.

Quality policy:Independent and fair, high quality and efficient, keep promises and pursue perfection.


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Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd.

ESTL | Service Advantage

1. For more than ten years, we have focused on global certification testing of battery products, always paying attention to the global dynamics of battery certification, and strong certification and testing capabilities;

2. 30,000㎡ experimental base in South China, equipped with sophisticated precision testing equipment, 24H to provide customers with accurate test data;

3.The ESTL parent company ANCI has been authorized by major institutions such as UL, IECEE, TÜV, KTC, KTR, DGM, ITS, etc., and the test report has international credibility

4. The technical team has received professional battery certification training and assessment, the certification testing technology is solid, and the certification efficiency and pass rate are high;

5. Localized testing and certification such as safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, performance, etc., greatly shortening the certification cycle and reducing certification costs.

ESTL | Service Advantage

ESTL | Service Items

1. Testing technical service in the early stage of product development;
2. Safety forecasting and structural review services before product certification;
3. Product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency, performance and other testing services;
4. Product certification application services;
5. Global import agent services;
6. Provide training services for corporate safety and other courses.

ESTL | Service Items

ESTL | Service Products

● Consumer battery products:

Lithium ion battery, lithium cell, lithium polymer battery, cylindrical battery, square battery, button battery, mobile phone battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, nickel-cadmium battery, dry battery, lithium-manganese battery, mobile power supply, 18650 battery......

● Power storage battery products:

Balance car battery, car starting power, electric vehicle battery, power tool battery, lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery, cadmium battery, solar battery......

● Electric vehicle products:

Electric bicycle, balance car, electric scooter......

ESTL | Service Products
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