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I. Introduction to the EU WEEE Directive


WEEE means: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment circulating in the EU market must legally assume responsibility for paying for the recycling of end-of-life products. At the same time, EU member states are obliged to develop their own electrical and electronic product recycling plans, and establish related recycling facilities to make electrical and electronic products. End users can handle end-of-life devices easily and free of charge. 




Second, the importance of battery WEEE certification


European countries are very strict with environmental requirements, and electronic recycling laws play a crucial role in soil pollution and groundwater protection. As Amazon's strategic position in global business continues to increase, overseas batteries continue to flood into the European market through Amazon. The German environmental protection department has issued a law specifically for e-commerce, requiring Amazon to oblige to notify overseas e-commerce registrations sold on the Amazon platform. Electronic equipment recycling, Amazon must order the merchant to stop selling before obtaining the WEEE electronic equipment recycling code. Therefore, battery products must enter the European market to be WEEE certified.


Third, the battery WEEE trash can symbol description


In the European Union, this symbol indicates that when the end user intends to discard this product, the product must be sent to the appropriate facility for recycling and recycling. Since the product cannot be disposed of with other household waste, the amount of waste sent to the incinerator or landfill will be reduced and natural resources will be saved. 




Fourth, the battery WEEE test project


Recycling of materials used in electrical and electronic products


Five, battery WEEE certification process


1. Fill in the service application form;

2. Sign the contract and pay:

3. Send samples;

4. Sample testing;

5. Issue a report.


Sixth, battery WEEE certification information


Service application form, BOM, sample.


Seven, battery WEEE certificate validity period


There is no validity period limit, and the certificate report needs to be updated at any time following the instruction content update.


Eight, battery WEEE registration certification service agency


ESTL has a global certification and testing team focusing on battery products for many years, and has established a large testing base in South China (Dongguan). ESTL in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC 17025 to strictly implement quality control, many years of rich experience WEEE certified engineers team one-to-one service. Have WEEE registration business, welcome to consult energy storage detection.






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