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Temperature rise test

Partial certification program

Temperature rise test requirements

UL certification

Battery component temperature test, battery pack surface temperature test, in addition to the surface temperature requirements of the outer casing, the battery pack is required to perform temperature test under both charging and discharging conditions.
The temperature is tested in the discharge loop. The fully charged battery pack is discharged at a constant current that does not exceed the discharge overcurrent protection value. The temperature is monitored to be thermally stabilized or discharged to the specified discharge cutoff voltage, and the test is terminated.
The temperature is tested in the charging circuit and a 0.2C discharge to the venting battery pack specified by the manufacturer for the discharge cut-off voltage is required.
The temperature is tested in the charging circuit. The venting battery needs to be charged in the constant current and constant voltage charging mode, and the maximum charging voltage cannot exceed the maximum charging voltage recommended by the manufacturer. During the test, the charging current should not exceed 3 times the manufacturer's maximum charging current or charge protection overcurrent value, the temperature is monitored to be stable, or the battery pack is fully charged, and the test is terminated.

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