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First, the United States UL certification introduction


UL is a shorthand for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private institution in the world for safety testing and identification. UL certification is a non-mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for the detection and certification of product safety performance, and its certification scope does not include the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics of the product. For different types of UL services, the UL Mark can be divided into three categories, the LISTED listing mark, the Classified classification certification mark, and the Recognize part certification mark.




Second, the importance of battery UL certification


(1) The entire US market pays great attention to product safety; Amazon US Station also mandates that certain products must have UL certification; consumers and purchasers will choose products with UL certification mark when purchasing products.
(2) UL history has more than 100 years. The image of security is deeply rooted in consumers and the government. If you do not sell products directly to consumers, the middlemen will also require the products to have UL certification marks to make the products sell well.
(3) American consumers and purchasers are more confident in the products of the company.
(4) The federal, state, county, and municipal governments of the United States have more than 40,000 political districts, and all recognize the UL certification mark.


Third, the battery UL certification standard




UL certification standard

Standard for lithium ion batteries

UL 1642

Standards for battery packs of lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride and nickel-chromium batteries

UL 2054、UL 62368

Standards for mobile power and power banks

UL 2056、UL 62368

Battery standard

UL 62133

Safety standards for lithium batteries for light electric vehicles

UL 2271

Safety standards for the electrical system of personal electric travel tools


Standards for the safety of the electrical system of electric bicycles


It is aimed at the standard of energy storage battery

Energy storage: photovoltaic power station, wind power station, UPS, household energy storage, etc.

• Vehicle auxiliary battery (not including power battery)

• Batteries for light rail or fixed rail power storage system


Standards for batteries for electric vehicles, battery packs for driving electric vehicles, capacitive systems, hybrid systems, and subsystems or modules

UL 2580

Standards for information and audio and video products

UL/ULC 62368-1


Fourth, battery UL certification test project



UL certification test project

UL 1642

Cycle testing, preprocessing, abnormal charge test, forced discharge, external short circuit test, high altitude low voltage simulation test, temperature cycle test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, extrusion test, heavy impact test, thermal shock test Burning test

UL 2054

Cycle testing, preprocessing, abnormal charge test, overcharge test, short circuit test, forced discharge, limited power source test, temperature cycle test, mold stress relief test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, squeeze test, Heavy impact test, thermal shock test, combustion test, temperature rise test, 250N steady force test

UL 2056

Cycle testing, preprocessing,abnormal charge test, overcharge test, short circuit test, forced discharge, power limit source test, input test, output port overload test, mold stress relief test, drop test, temperature rise test, 250N stable Constant force test


Five, battery UL certification data preparation


1. Battery UL Certification Company Information: Provide detailed and accurate names, addresses, contacts, zip codes, telephone numbers and faxes in the following units in Chinese and English.   

(1) Application company: a company that proposes product testing and is responsible for all engineering service fees   

(2) Listed companies: companies with names listed in various product catalogues published by UL   

(3) Production plant: the manufacturer and producer of the product.   

2. Battery UL certified product information: Product information should be provided in English.   

(1) Product name: Provide the full name of the product.

(2) Product model: List all the product models, varieties or classification numbers that need to be tested.   

(3) The intended use of the product: for example: home, office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc.   

(4) Parts list: List the parts and models (classification numbers), the rating, and the name of the manufacturer that make up the product. For insulating materials, please provide the name of the raw material. When the part has been UL certified or approved, please prove the specific model of the part and indicate its UL file number.

(5) Electrical properties: For electronic and electrical products. Provide electrical schematic (circuit diagram), electrical performance table.   

(6) Structure drawing: For most products, it is necessary to provide a structural drawing or an explosion drawing, a list of ingredients, and the like of the product.   

(7) Photographs of the product, instructions for use, safety, etc. or installation instructions.


Sixth, battery UL certification factory inspection annual review


1.UL audited the factory four times a year, in addition to the quarterly review and annual review, also to audit the factory every year.

  In addition to the factory inspection fee, the fee must be paid on a quarterly basis.

2. Information required for the UL audit:

(1) Production and quality control procedures

(2) Inspection standards for major components and finished products

(3) Record of major parts certificate (yellow card)

(4) Material list of products

(5) Main documents for plastic material control

(6) Main documents of production control

(7) Record of UL label

(8) Recycling of Bulk Label for main parts packaging


Seven, battery UL certification application process


first step:


1. The customer fills in the UL application form;

2. Provide information such as battery specifications.

The second step:


Determine test time and cost based on the information provided.

third step:


After confirming the quotation, the applicant signs the application form and service agreement and pays the project fee.

the fourth step:


The customer sends the sample.

the fifth step:


The ESTL laboratory performs UL testing on the applied products according to UL related testing standards.

The sixth step:


The test passed and the report was completed.

Step 7:

Factory Inspection

The UL agency conducts a factory inspection of the application factory.

The eighth step:


After the factory inspection, UL issued a UL certificate.


Eight, battery UL certification agency


Guangdong ESTL Technology Co., Ltd. is a third-party company specializing in battery product certification and testing services. It has obtained the WTDP laboratory accreditation qualification granted by UL. The standards include UL1642, UL2054, UL 2056, UL 62368-1, CSA C22.2 NO.62368-1, CAN/UL/ULC 2271, ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 2580, ANSI/CAN/UL 1973, and other standards. ANSI/CAN/UL 2849, UL 2272, UL991, UL 60730-1, is a focus on batteries, electric vehicles, balance vehicles, scooters and other products testing organization.


ESTL is fully equipped for battery testing and certification, with large shaking table, large impact table, power battery charging and discharging cabinet, needle extrusion testing machine, walk-in high and low temperature box, large altitude simulation testing machine, short circuit testing machine and other test equipment and a full set of hardware and software functional safety assessment equipment. We can provide our customers with a full range of UL testing and certification one-stop solutions to help customers enter the target market as soon as possible.






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