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Forced internal short circuit

Partial certification program

Forced internal short circuit test requirements

CB certification

a. The battery is charged in accordance with the charging procedure specified by the manufacturer: the maximum charging current is charged to the maximum charging voltage, and the cut-off current is 0.05c;

b. Disassemble the battery and place a small nickel sheet; (disassemble the single battery in an environment where the temperature is 20℃±5℃ and the dew point is lower than -25℃;

     c. Wrap the battery back and make the battery reach the test temperature; (respectively place the battery at the upper (lower limit) test temperature plus 5°C for (45±15) min)

     d. Pressure step. (The pressure application step is required to be completed within 10 minutes, and it is required to apply pressure to the part where the small nickel sheet is placed on the single battery at a speed of 0.1mm/s. At the same time, use a voltmeter to monitor the change in the output terminal voltage of the single battery. When the voltage drop of 50mV, or when the applied pressure meets the requirements (cylindrical battery 800N, square battery 400N, and the square and cylindrical extrusion methods are also slightly different), stop lowering the pressure tool and keep it for 30s, then remove it pressure.)

     Result: no fire. If there is no fire, record the pressure of the internal short circuit.

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