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ESTL focuses on global certification testing of battery products, and has established a fully equipped battery testing laboratory, including: battery charge and discharge test laboratory, battery charge and discharge test laboratory, mobile power charge and discharge test laboratory, programmable thermostat Constant humidity test laboratory, battery short test laboratory, electromagnetic vibration test laboratory, mechanical impact test laboratory, battery weight impact test laboratory, battery extrusion test laboratory, high altitude low voltage simulation test laboratory, battery heat Impact test laboratory, single wing drop test laboratory, temperature rise test laboratory, forced internal short circuit test laboratory, battery burning test laboratory, steady force test laboratory, vacuum glove box laboratory, etc.


ESTL enables a comprehensive range of battery testing and testing projects:


Electrical safety test: charging test, discharge test, continuous charge test, abnormal charge test, unbalanced charge test, overcharge test, over discharge test, overvoltage charge test, over current charge test, reverse charge test, electrostatic discharge test, Undervoltage discharge test, overcharge test, forced discharge test, external short circuit test, forced internal short circuit test, limited power source test, input power test, output port overload test, error installation test...

Battery environmental safety test: high altitude low voltage simulation test, temperature and humidity cycle test, mold stress relief test, vibration test, impact test, drop test, extrusion test, heavy impact test, thermal shock test, combustion test, temperature rise test, 250N Stable force test, high temperature use test, washing test, flame retardant test...

Protection circuit safety test: overvoltage charging protection test, overcurrent charging protection test, undervoltage discharge protection test, short circuit protection test, overload protection test over temperature protection test, high voltage test...

Battery performance test: capacity test, cycle life test, vacuum glove box...

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