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Cell charge and discharge test laboratory

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The battery charge and discharge detection equipment is mainly used for life aging test and quality control in the production or experiment of cylindrical or polymer soft pack batteries including lithium electronic batteries, lead acid batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, and the like. The cell charge and discharge detecting device charges and discharges the cell to detect the current, voltage, capacity and cycle life functions of the cell. The battery charge and discharge detection device is provided with an independent constant voltage source and a constant current source for each cell channel, and the plant voltage source and the constant current source can be arbitrarily programmed and controlled, which provides an international test equipment standard for the battery core test. Hardware platform. In addition, for the requirements of dynamic internal resistance testing, an independent pulse source can be added to each cell channel.

Test items:

Cell capacity test, cell cycle life test, cell charge test, cell continuous charge test, cell abnormal charge test, cell unbalanced charge test, cell overcharge test, cell over discharge test, cell pass Pressure charging test, cell overcurrent charging test, cell overvoltage charging protection test, cell overcurrent charging protection test, cell reverse charging test, cell undervoltage discharge test, cell undervoltage discharge protection test, electricity Core overcharge test, battery forced discharge test, cell limited power source test, cell input power test, cell output port overload test, cell overload protection test, cell high voltage test, cell error installation test, electricity Core charging characteristics test, cell discharge characteristic test, cell charge retention capability test, cell charge and discharge efficiency test, cell overcharge, over discharge rate withstand capability test, etc.

Standards compliant:

GB31241, GB/T35590, GB/T8897, GB/T18287, UL1642, UL2054, UL2056, UL62133, UL60950, IEC/EN62133, IEC/EN60950, IEC/EN61951, IEC/EN61960, IEC/EN 60086, IEC62281, UN38.3 , PSE (J62133), KC (K62133) and other related test standards.

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