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Korea Mechanical and Electronic Research Institute (KTC)

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KTC Introduction

In order to comply with the changes in the global trading environment and the integration of the industry, the Korea Machinery and Electronics Research Institute (KTC, Korea Testing Certification) has become a comprehensive test certification and R&D professional organization to guide the Korean certification industry, on July 8, 2010. Sailing with a brand new look.

KTC's goal is to become the "leader of the best-in-class certification services", and to strengthen the certification basis for new growth dynamics such as smart grid, green environment industry, and mechatronics, and to become the world's strongest. Comprehensive testing and certification authority.

KTC has passed the inspection of existing KS products, electrical and electronic product safety certification, metrological verification, medical device testing and the issuance of Kolas recognized test reports. KTC has accumulated more than 40 years of expertise and continuous changes and innovations in the entire technology field, becoming a safety point for consumers and supporting the company.


KTC's main business line of development

CB certification and testing agency

KC certification and testing

KOLAS recognized test

Energy consumption efficiency test agent

KS factory identification and testing services

National Calibration Laboratory

EMC test organization

Human medical device testing

Performance evaluation

Q-Mark certification

Reliability evaluation

Electronic Money & Cash Card - Bank IC Card Evaluation

Environmental label test

Peripheral testing of government networks

New energy and renewable energy testing

Certification and testing of police speed measuring system

ROHS chemical analysis test

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