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China Quality Certification Center (CQC)

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Introduction to CQC

The China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is a third-party professional certification body approved by the Chinese government and recognized by many governments and international organizations. It is part of the China Inspection and Certification Group.

China Quality Certification Center has always been committed to helping customers improve the quality of products and services through certification, promote exchanges and cooperation from all walks of life, and promote the establishment of a market integrity system and a harmonious society. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a first-class quality service organization with complete business categories, wide service network and strong technical strength. It ranks among the world-renowned certified brands with high credibility and reputation.

China Quality Certification Center provides certification and related technical services in various fields such as safety and performance, energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon, management improvement, international certification and training. Safety and performance certification covers industrial product safety and performance, food safety and network safety; energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon services to meet customers' energy conservation, water conservation, environmental friendliness, new energy, climate change services and green design assessment (EUP) Commands and other needs in many fields; management improvement can not only help companies conduct conformity assessment work against international standards such as quality, environment, food safety, information security, occupational health, social responsibility, etc., but also deepen the actual supplier review and integration. Service and brand building consultation; international certification is the use of technical means by the certification center to reduce or eliminate technical barriers in international trade and provide international market access services for export-oriented enterprises. The training business is based on quality, energy saving, management, measurement and standards. The training courses can be tailored according to customer needs, focusing on cultivating technical management talents and disseminating advanced management concepts and experiences.

The technical force makes it possible for customers to obtain high value-added quality services. With a certified professional team of tens of thousands of people, many people enter the management of international certification organizations or have international certification qualifications. Scientific research achievements won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and other honors. In the frontier business and international standards, high-end service products are well received by the market. The results of the certification are government acceptance, buyer acceptance, and social recognition.

China Quality Certification Center has always responded positively to government advocacy and policy guidelines, and has always paid close attention to the trend of quality improvement and social consumption. We firmly adhere to the principle of customer first, and are facing high social credibility, strong innovation ability, market competitiveness and The goal of a global certification body for sustainable development is striding forward.

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