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Consumer Batteries Authentication and Detection


With the development of electronics, information and communication products towards wireless and portable, and the goal of "light, thin, short and small" for high performance components of products, lithium batteries have been widely used in many fields. Lithium batteries can continue to grow. First, the price advantage has been greatly reduced after large-scale production. Second, the high cost-performance ratio has stimulated the performance growth of lithium batteries due to strong demand. Lithium batteries have a vast market, so it is particularly important to seize the lead.


Consumer Battery Certification and Testing Company


ESTL has a comprehensive detection capability in the field of battery testing. It has a strong technical service team, one-to-one and efficient service. Large battery testing experimental base runs 24 hours. It has been authorized by UL, IECEE, TUV, KTC, JET, DGM and many other international organizations to provide professional global certification, safety regulations and electromagnetic for battery customers. Compatibility, energy efficiency, reliability testing and other one-stop services.


ESTL upholds the concept of scientific, fair, accurate, efficient, rigorous, realistic and honest service. It provides high-quality and fast service for the safety, reliability of customers'products, environmental protection and cost control. ESTL is the most trustworthy third-party battery testing and certification service provider.


Service Products | Consumer Batteries


Lithium polymer batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries, cylindrical batteries, square batteries, button batteries, mobile phone batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, dry batteries, lithium-manganese batteries, mobile power supplies, 18650 batteries...

Consumer batteries


Energy Storage Detection | Service Advantage

1. For more than ten years, we have been focusing on the global certification and testing of battery products, paying close attention to the global trends of battery certification and having strong certification and testing capability.

2. 5000m2 experimental base in South China, equipped with perfect precision testing instruments, 24H provides accurate testing data for customers;

3. UL, IECEE, TV, KTC, JET, DGM and other major global agencies authorized accreditation, testing reports have international credibility;

4. The technical team has been trained and assessed by professional battery certification. The certification and testing technology is solid, and the certification efficiency and pass rate are high.

5. Localized testing and certification of safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency and performance will greatly shorten the certification cycle and reduce the cost of certification.

6. One-to-one product evaluation, testing, certification, rectification, factory inspection guidance and other one-stop services, high service efficiency and quality.

Energy Storage Testing | Battery Certification Project

International certification: UN38.3 certification, CB certification, IEC report...

Asian certification: CQC certification, China quality inspection report, BSMI certification, KC certification, PSE certification, TISI certification, BIS certification...

American certification: UL certification, ETL certification, TVus certification, CTIA certification...

European certification: CE certification, WEEE certification, ROHS certification, REACH certification, PAHS certification, GOST-R certification...

Test Item Map


ESTL | Battery Certification Test Standard


Standard for Certification and Testing of Consumer   Electronics Batteries and Mobile Power Supplies
Market   regionCertification ItemsTest CriteriaApplicable Products
GlobalUN38.3 CertificationST/SG/AC   10/11/Rev.n-Section38-Amend IATA DGRLithium battery/mobile power   supply
MSDS   writingISO 11014 Safety data sheet for   chemical productsBattery/mobile power supply
CB Member StatesCB certificationIEC 62133, IEC 60950Portable Secondary   Cell/Battery/Mobile Power Supply
IEC   61960Lithium battery/mobile power   supply
IEC   60086Primary cell/battery
IEC   61951Secondary cells or batteries   containing alkaline or non-acidic electrolytes
IEC   62281Safe transportation of primary   and secondary lithium batteries
United StatesUL/ETL/cTUVus certificationUL 1642Lithium battery cell
UL   2054, UL 60950Household and commercial   batteries
UL 2056,   UL 60950Mobile power supply
UL 62133Battery
CTIA   certificationIEEE 1725, IEEE 1625Batteries for communications   products
ChinaCQC certification and quality inspection reportGB 31241Portable Secondary Cell and   Battery
GB/T   35590Mobile power supply
GB/T   8897Primary battery (group)
GB/T   18287Lithium-ion battery and battery   pack for mobile phone
BSMI   certificationCNS 15364Portable Secondary Cell and   Battery/Mobile Power Supply
KoreaKC certificationK 62133Portable secondary lithium   cell/battery/mobile power supply
JapanPSE certificationJ 62133Portable secondary lithium   cell/battery/mobile power supply
RussiaGost-R (EAC) certificationIEC 62133 & EMCLithium cell/battery/mobile   power supply
IndiaBIS certificationIS 16046Lithium battery cells/packs
IS 13252   (Part 1)Mobile power supply
ThailandTISI certificationTIS 2217-2548Batteries and batteries   containing alkaline or other non-acidic electrolytes
TIS   2879-2560Mobile power supply
TIS   2217, TIS 2879Mobile power supply built-in   cells and batteries
European UnionCE certificationEN/IEC 62133, EN/IEC 60950Portable Secondary Cell and   Battery
EN/IEC   61960Portable secondary lithium   batteries and batteries
EN/IEC   61951Secondary Ni-Cd, Ni-MH battery
EN/IEC   60086Primary battery (group)/primary   battery
EN/IEC   62281Lithium battery
WEEE   certification2012/19/EUCell/battery/mobile power supply
ROHS   certification2011/65/5UBattery/mobile power supply
REACH   certificationSVHC 181 itemsBattery/mobile power supply
GermanyGS certificationEN 60950 & AfPS GS 2014:   01PAKLithium battery/mobile power   supply
AustraliaRCM certificationAS/NZS CISPR 32 AS/NZS 61000-6-3Portable secondary battery
AS/NZS   CISPR 32 & EN/IEC62133Mobile power supply
BrazilANATEL certificationANATEL's Resolution 242Mobile phone battery
IEC   61960 & IEC 62133 & IEC 610004-2
INMETRO   certificationIEC 62133Mobile power supply
MexicoNOM certificationNOM-024-SCFIBattery
Saudi   ArabiaSASO certificationIEC corresponding standardBattery/mobile power supply
MalaysiaMC CertificationIEC 60086Primary cell/battery
Viet NamSDoC (MIC Certification)QCVN-101: 2016/BTTTTLithium battery

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