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Shenzhen beek power battery co. LTD

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The road out of the Chinese market must require our battery products to meet the international certification standards. We choose ESTL certification of our battery products. One is to understand the strength of ESTL, the team's technical team have received professional battery certification training and assessment, certification testing technology solid; Second, the ESTL has a perfect battery product testing precision testing instruments for our battery products to provide accurate testing data. I believe that energy storage detection and certification strength!

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Address: 2st floor, B Area, Jinbaisheng Industrial Park, Headquarters 2 Road, Songshan Lake Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Pr., China. Telephone: 0769-8507-5888-6617 Fax: 0769-8507-5898 Mailbox: net01@gdestl.com
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