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MSDS certificate

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document on the chemical characteristics provided by chemical production or sales companies to customers as required by law. It provides 16 physical and chemical parameters, blasting performance, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, first aid measures and related laws and regulations. The MSDS can be prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant rules. However, in order to ensure the accuracy and standardization of the report, you can apply to the professional organization for preparation.


What is MSDS?

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is a chemical safety data sheet that can also be translated into a chemical safety data sheet or a chemical safety data sheet. It is used by chemical manufacturers and importers to clarify the physical and chemical properties of chemicals (such as pH, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) and the hazards to users' health (such as carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.). One document.


First, the MSDS expiration date

The MSDS report is valid only for the current year. The 2014 MSDS report is version 55, the 2015 MSDS report is version 56, the 2016 MSDS report standard version 57, the 2017 MSDS is version 58, the 2018 MSDS is version 59, and the 2019 MSDS is 60. Version, and so on.

Second, MSDS preparation materials

Provide a product composition analysis form.

Third, the MSDS process

1. Fill in the MSDS application form and deliver the MSDS application form by mail, fax or direct door or courier.

Instructions for completing the application form:

(1) The required writing is clear, such as the number 0 and the English letter O, the number 5 and the English letter S, the number 1 and the English letter I, the number 9 and the English letter P, the number 2 and the English letter Z need to be clearly marked;

(2) Clear selection of test standards: EU standard, USA standard, GB standard, our company will provide a standard electronic file report. If you need to issue multiple standards, the fees will increase accordingly due to different standards.

(3) Please fill in the name, address and product name of the company. If there is no English company name and address and the translation is difficult, you can entrust our company to translate; from the item number to the destination country and other projects, you can choose according to the customer's request, not required.

(4) Provide the basic parameters such as the rated voltage, capacity, and watt-hour of the battery. The chemical name and the weight percentage of the component are filled in by the raw materials, and the weight percentages of the components are all equal to 100%.

(5) Clearly choose the way to take the report, whether it is electronic file or need to express delivery. For express delivery, please fill out the delivery address in order to accurately send the report.

2. Relevant personnel will provide quotation according to the information of the application form, confirm the quotation, and seal it back;

3. The customer will remit the test fee to our account and issue the remittance voucher. We will confirm the schedule of the report after receiving the test fee. The period is 3-5 working days.

4. After the report is completed, the relevant personnel will fax the report to your company, and then follow the report method selected by the customer on the application form.

5. Complete.

Fourth, MSDS applicant institutions

ESTL has more than 10 years of certification industry experience, 5000m2 laboratory base in South China, 75 professional technical team, 34 senior certified engineers, one-to-one technical guidance service, with UL, TÜV, KTC, JET, DGM, etc. Authorized and accredited by major institutions around the world, the test report has international credibility.

Choose ESTL to complete the MSDS report production for your products, and help your products sell well all over the world. It is a partner you can trust.

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