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Battery forced internal short circuit test laboratory

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The battery forced internal short-circuit tester is designed according to the latest battery test standards of Japanese Industrial Standards JISC 8714:2007, IEC62133-2013, etc. The simulated battery is subjected to forced internal short-circuit test under certain ambient temperature conditions. The test box is made of stainless steel and the temperature uniformity is good. It has the function of exhausting air (that is, exhausting test exhaust after the test is completed), the control system is PLC touch screen menu operation, the data frequency can be collected up to 100 times/second, and the test pressure, pressure holding time, measured pressure, battery are set by PLC programming. Voltage, battery temperature, voltage drop speed, etc.

Test items:

Forced internal short circuit test

Standards compliant:

GB31241, GB/T35590, GB/T8897, GB/T18287, UL1642, UL2054, UL2056, UL62133, UL60950, IEC/EN62133, IEC/EN60950, IEC/EN61951, IEC/EN61960, IEC/EN 60086, IEC62281, UN38.3 , PSE (J62133), KC (K62133) and other related test standards.

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