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China Electronics Standards Institute (CESI)

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Introduction to CESI

     China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute (Electronic Industry Standardization Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Electronic Fourth Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, referred to as "Electronic Standard Institute", "Electronic Fourth Hospital"), was founded in 1963, is an industry It is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Information Technology and is a basic, public welfare and comprehensive research institution engaged in the standardization of electronic information technology.

     With the core of electronic information technology standardization, the Electronic Standards Institute provides professional support for policy research, industry management and strategic decision-making through standard research, testing, measurement, certification, and information services, and provides standardized technical services to the society. The Electronic Standards Institute undertakes the work of 55 IEC, ISO/IEC JTC1 TC/SC domestic technical focal points and 17 national standardization technical committee secretariats, and has established cooperative relations with many international standardization organizations and famous foreign institutions for the application of standards. Promotion, industrial promotion and international exchange and cooperation have played an important role in promoting.


CESI culture concept

Adhere to the cultural core of “standards-based, innovation-oriented”

Adhering to the spirit of "science, justice, innovation, service",

We will fulfill our mission of “supporting the government, serving the industry, and dedicating the greatest value of standardization”, and accelerate the establishment of a domestic first-class, internationally renowned standardization research and service organization. 

CESI business system

1. Study the standardization development strategy in the industrial field and propose relevant plans and policy recommendations;

2. Organize the establishment and improvement of the standard system in the field of electronic information technology, and carry out research, formulation, promotion and application of common and basic standards;

3. Undertake the relevant work of testing, quality control and technical evaluation, quality supervision and testing, and quality dispute identification of electronic products;

4. Responsible for the establishment, maintenance and value transfer of the highest measurement standards in the electronics industry;

5. Carry out related activities such as management system certification and product certification;

6. Establish and maintain a standard information resource network in the industrial field, and carry out information consultation, technical consultation and training activities.

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